On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, our colleagues, Managing partner Uros Čop and associate Matija Urankar gave lectures on the topic of inspection procedures, with special focus on tax inspection procedures. The lectures were organised as a part of the special educational program »the Administrative Clinic« held for students of Faculty of Law in Ljubljana.

Our colleagues talked about the typical problems that lawyers encounter in inspection procedures and in the course of the lecture presented the basic legal-institutes in the inspection procedures and the importance of legal principles. As experts in Administrative and Criminal law they also shed light on the link between the inspection procedure and both of the mentioned areas of the law while giving most of their focus to criminal law and the law of minor offences. The lectures ended with, an interesting debate which developed between the students and our colleagues, whereby the students showed great knowledge of specific high-profile inspection proceedings which are currently pending in the Republic of Slovenia. Our colleagues helped them point out interesting theoretical problems with implications in specific inspection procedures, such as exercising the privilege against self-incrimination in the case of an inspector’s call for documents and exclusion of the evidence in a subsequent criminal procedure (as a result of the findings in the preliminary inspection process).