Everything you need to know about the legal consequences of COVID-19-related preventive measures

At law Firm Miro Senica and attorneys, we take the COVID-19 epidemic very seriously, which is why most of our employees have been working from home even before the first government measures were adopted. However, as we are aware that companies and individuals in these times of crisis need more information regarding the effects of measures taken and upcoming legislation, we have established an information point on our website where you can search through the most frequently asked questions about the measures already taken.

As from our experiences life always serves us with more problems than the legislator was able to predict we have also taken a closer look at actual scenarios which the newly adopted legislation did not yet consider, for instance: how is child custody affected by the Decree on prohibition of movement and travel between municipalities or is the obligation to pay rent for your place of business anyway affected by the Decree on prohibition of selling goods and services to consumers.

The answers are provided by our on-call experts who will continue to carefully monitor the ongoing situation and provide you with all necessary details on upcoming legislative changes. This is why we kindly invite you to follow our legal briefings and read more information which matters to you as sorted by our experts in columns below.

Guidance on preventive measures in all relevant legal fields

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