Volatility and key factors analysis to mitigate risks in M&A transactions
06. 07. 2022 Andersen´s M&A practice in Europe analyzed the Volatility in the market and the key factors to mitigate risks in M&A transactions.
At yesterday's session, Slovenian National Assembly adopted an amendment to the Communicable Diseases Act, whereby our Senior Associate Matija Urankar also took part in preparing the proposed law
30. 06. 2022 The new law implements several decisions of the Slovenian Constitutional Court and thus eliminates the unconstitutionality of some provisions of the existing law, which were a centre of a heated debate in the past two years.
Maja Šubic, Attorney and Partner at our Law Firm, attended the IDI - International Distribution Institute's annuan congress in Madrid
13. 06. 2022 The main topic of the congress was the Analysis of the new EU rules on vertical restraints (Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/720 of May 10, 2022 and Guidelines - VBER 2022) and the adaptation of distribution to fast-moving digital environment.
Tax challenges in the cryptocurrency business
08. 06. 2022 Digital assets called virtual currencies or crypto-assets, usually based on cryptography and distributed ledger technology, include both payment cryptocurrencies, as the most widely used form of virtual currencies (e.g. bitcoin), as well as all other forms of cryptographic tokens (e.g. Virtual currencies) pose a major challenge for various regulators around the world due to their specific technological characteristics compared to other forms of assets.
The revised Building Act (GZ-1) - the key novelties
31. 05. 2022 On 1 June 2022, the revised Building Act (Gradbeni zakon; GZ-1) will come into force, containing several important novelties, especially in obtaining use and building permits and in the field of legalisation of illegal constructions.
Law Firm Senica & Partners, Ltd., shortlisted in »Women in Business Law Awards EMEA 2022«
24. 05. 2022 Organizers of "Women in Business Law Awards EMEA 2022" shortlisted us as one of the most advanced leading Law Firms in Central Europe.
Andersen Global Advances Presence in Slovenia with Additional Member Firm
12. 05. 2022 Andersen Global expands its existing legal and tax capabilities in Slovenia through the establishment of Andersen Advisory, Ltd., which provides tax, accounting, valuation and other business advisory services. Andersen Advisory, d.o.o., is an affiliate of our Law Firm, which is a member firm of Andersen Global since 2021.

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