Green Future Summit

13. 06. 2024

At the Bloomberg Adria Green Future Summit, our Managing Partner Katarina Kresal participated in the panel "Green Practices, Development, Reporting, and Profit."

Katarina emphasized the need for a clear legislative framework in Slovenia and the implementation of European directives. She noted that companies often view green transition as costly and bureaucratic, highlighting a lack of awareness about environmental issues. "ESG project must be led from the top down, not by the PR department" she stressed.

 Katarina also discussed ESG reporting, pointing out that even small companies in the supply chain need to adapt. She emphasized that companies outside the EU which are part of the supply chain in EU must ensure their production processes meet European standards, and while ESG criteria are seen as obstacles now, they will benefit business in the long run. "Companies should start adapting to ESG requirements now" she asserted.

 The summit brought together leaders from energy, industry, finance, and technology to discuss sustainable investments and development, exploring the potential of renewable energy and the significance of energy efficiency for a competitive, sustainable future.

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